Let’s just say that when I walk into our local health clinic with a bleeding kid, nobody (neither the staff or me) seems surprised anymore.   This incident started with the school calling Jean to let her know Caleb had a cut to his head and wondering how long it would take for us to pick him up or if they should call the ambulance.  That call will certainly get your attention.  I was closest so I arrived at the school to find Caleb’s head wrapped up mummy style and a cadre of school personnel surrounding him.  Caleb was quite calm despite all the blood and a nice headache.   The short story is that Caleb and another boy collided at after school Rugby practice.  The other boy’s upper teeth somehow slammed into Caleb’s forehead right at the hairline. The other boy got the worst of it, with 2 broken teeth and one knocked completely out.  Caleb got 3 perfect teeth impressions in his forehead including the missing tooth which ended up staying with Caleb after the collision.   Luckily we got Caleb’s head patched back together and he seems no worse for wear other than a cool looking scar that he’ll get to show off in years to come. 
That very night, Luke had a lead role in one of the middle school plays.   Jean, unfortunately, had to miss the performance to stay with Caleb.  So after exiting the clinic, I headed for the school to catch the performance.  Luke did a very nice job and it was a fun performance to watch.   The school is a pretty small community, so word had already spread through the faculty, staff, and parents about Caleb’s accident.  That night both Luke and I felt like celebrities as all kinds of people sought us out to ask how Caleb was doing and to hear the story! 
Later that week, Abbie’s team locked up the regular season championship for their high school soccer league.  They have a couple of games left and then finish up with a final tournament in Hong Kong.  We’re planning to take the family to watch the tournament as we haven’t visited that city yet.  So the soccer tourney is a good excuse to go. 
The next week, we had friends from the Minnesota visited.   Unfortunately, their visit got off to a very poor start when they discovered they had left their daughter’s passport on the plane.  The crew claimed they could not find the passport and so the Mom and daughter had to reboard the return flight to the US.  Once onboard (it was the same plane), the new crew was able to find the passport…but not before the plane was ready for take-off.  So they ended up flying back home and then back to China the next day.  That’s 42 hours of plane flight in all!  Despite that, we had a great visit with their family and in the second week we all travelled to Guilin together. We had a large group of 11 of us - including their family and Abbie's friend Elin. Guilin is in southern China fairly close to Vietnam.  It’s known for its beautiful rivers and “Karst” mountains. In Guilin we visted the Reed Caves.  They were massive!!! Very impressive. We stayed mostly in a town called Yangshou - which is quaint little mountain town.    The highlight of the visit was an all day bike ride through the country side.  We stopped off for some hiking, stopped at road-side stands for fruit and snacks, ate lunch at a wonderful country hostel run by a Dutch family, and just generally took in the scenery.  The second day we went to the country side to see the local farming life.  It was amazing to watch bare-foot farmers working their fields with single bottom plows, pulled by water buffalo.  I couldn’t help but consider that they were still farming the exactly the way their families have done for thousands of years.  We also went to a local culture show, did an art class, tried some new foods, etc…  The big downside of our trip was filled with rainy days that limited our activities and 

 a flu bug which managed to work its way through about half the group.  
Not to be left out of our busy couple of weeks, was a visit from one of Jean’s former ISU colleagues and her husband.  They were in town for an educational conference near to our house.   Jean spent most of 2 days showing them the city the week before our trip to Guilin.   There’s no doubt that if you need a tour of Shanghai…Jean is the expert in our family. 
This week it is back to reality with school and work.  We also have to start working the details of our return in June; plane tickets, planning our shipments, etc…  I have a feeling the last two months is going to fly by! 

A local farmer plowing his feld with a water buffalo in Yangshou.
Abbie and her friend Elin getting ready for our bike ride.
A picture of the town of Yangshou surrounded by the mountains.

Walking through the very quaint streets of Yangshou - surrounded by Karst mountains.
All the kids in the Reed Cave in Guilin.